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    PDP FAQs

    Do TLC sheets crinkle?

    Our unique bamboo/cotton blend shows far less creases when made. We recommend avoiding the use of a dryer post-wash. Be sure to remove sheets from the washing machine as soon as possible and hang out on the line. Sleeping on the set will also assist greatly with removing visible creases. Our signature blue-grey colour will also reduce the appearance of creases, which is great! 

    Can I find TLC Sheets in any physical stores?

    We are purely a direct to consumer company. That means, we cut out the middleman and the retail store. This, in turn, allows us to pass the savings on to you - the customer! 

    Do you have variations in each size, (King Single, Super King etc.)?

    Our bedding sets have been designed to compensate for larger sizes within each mattress size. Depth wise we have also compensated for the deepest of deep mattresses! 

    What other benefits do TLC sheets provide me?

    Temperature Regulating (breathable, hypo-allergenic, promotes moisture absorption) - meaning our blend will assist in maintaining a happy medium, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter. If TLC is devoted to this sheet set, will not play on your allergies! Perfect to get you through those long sweaty nights after a big weekend (grog horrors) and will improve your chances of securing a round two with the partner of your dreams!

    Soft & Durable - tipping the theory of thread count on its head. Our blend is far less costly and is made of naturally long bamboo fibres which will ensure your sheets will last longer, less likely to tear and will feel softer and more superior than any other high-end sheet set you've been lucky to pinch from your parent's linen cupboard!

    Sustainable - our bamboo/cotton blend does not require excessive water or harmful chemicals to grow or produce it! Meaning by purchasing our sheets, you are reducing your environmental footprint.

    Your Hair Will Love You More - create less friction between your hair as it rubs against the pillow. This will promote healthy and strong hair (say goodbye to bed hair!)

    Keeps Your Dry & Cool -  The bamboo also possesses the ability to wick unwanted moisture away, helping you stay dry and cool while enabling any unwanted moisture in your sheets created by sweat and body fluids to evaporate, and ultimately ridding your sheets of unpleasant odours.

    What are the sheets made from?

    Currently our Light Blue Colour is made from:
    60% bamboo.
    40% cotton yarn.
    325 Thread count. 

    Our new colours, Longreach and Whitehaven are made from:

    What happens if my set does not fit my bed?

    So long as you keep your tags in place, we'll be happy to process a return and get a fresh set over to you ASAP that will better fit your mattress! 

    When will my package be delivered?

    Our dispatch date for pre-sale is set to March 5, 2021. Give Ed and Bill a call on 0488997259 if you have any further questions relating to delivery. 

    Is TLC Australian owned?

    100% it is. Fair dinkum. 

    How do I care for my new TLC sheet set?


    Wash your sheets as soon as they rock up to your pad, then every 7- 10 days after that. Do it. Otherwise you’ll have as good a relationship with your PLP as Leonardo DiCaprio did with that Grizzly Bear in the Revenant…awful.  

    Your TLC sheets are your BABEH…be gentle...that means gentle wash with cold water. No warm wash or they’ll end up looking like a goat on a vertical cliff face.

    Keep your TLC sheets separate from other fabric and linens. Just think, you are your TLC sheets, and fabric and linens are two vegans talking about being vegans… (Separate yourself).

    Unidentified Fun Stains (UFS)

    Stains…formally known as UFS ;) are as common as an STI in College and as easy to remove as a Trump supporter in inner City Melbourne. Use regular washing powder. No bleach or fabric softeners or they’ll deteriorate quicker than Monica from Friends, in real life.


    Don’t be a piece of sheet, hang your sheets to dry like your mother does. The sun also kills bacteria - there’s your daily fun fact :). You can use a tumble dryer but go easy on the old girl – set it to low, which will avoid the package shrinking ;) –  which is every man’s worst nightmare on a cold day. Set the iron on low folks but you probably won’t ever need to.


    Store them away from direct sunlight. Think of Will Smith in the movie ‘I am Legend’ and do the opposite.


    Have a rotation of 2-3 sets of TLC sheet sets. One on the bed and two in the chamber – we don’t want you making a bed like a peasant EVER again with ANY other sheets. Sheets are also scientifically proven to be dank after 12-18 months, so replace them after that :).

    Follow this piece of piss list of instructions and your sheet will be TOGETHER