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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Sheets

    As with most textiles, we recommend hanging them out in direct sunlight. However, if you live in an apartment and this is not possible, then feel free to use the tumble dryer at a low temperature.

    We have unfortunately JUST run out of stock for our individual fitted sheets, and only have complete sets available for dispatch today.

    We will keep you updated on when we will have individual items back in stock! 😊

    Temperature Regulating (breathable, hypo-allergenic, promotes moisture absorption) - meaning our blend will assist in maintaining a happy medium, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter. If TLC is devoted to this sheet set, will not play on your allergies! Perfect to get you through those long sweaty nights after a big weekend (grog horrors) and will improve your chances of securing a round two with the partner of your dreams!

    Soft & Durable - tipping the theory of thread count on its head. Our blend is far less costly and is made of naturally long bamboo fibres which will ensure your sheets will last longer, less likely to tear and will feel softer and more superior than any other high-end sheet set you've been lucky to pinch from your parent's linen cupboard!

    Sustainable - our bamboo/cotton blend does not require excessive water or harmful chemicals to grow or produce it! Meaning by purchasing our sheets, you are reducing your environmental footprint.

    Your Hair Will Love You More - create less friction between your hair as it rubs against the pillow. This will promote healthy and strong hair (say goodbye to bed hair!)

    Keeps Your Dry & Cool -  The bamboo also possesses the ability to wick unwanted moisture away, helping you stay dry and cool while enabling any unwanted moisture in your sheets created by sweat and body fluids to evaporate, and ultimately ridding your sheets of unpleasant odours.

    Our unique bamboo/cotton blend shows far less creases when made. We recommend avoiding the use of a dryer post-wash. Be sure to remove sheets from the washing machine as soon as possible and hang out on the line. Sleeping on the set will also assist greatly with removing visible creases. Our signature blue-grey colour will also reduce the appearance of creases, which is great! 

    We are purely a direct to consumer company. That means, we cut out the middleman and the retail store. This, in turn, allows us to pass the savings on to you - the customer! 

    Excellent question. 

    From colour pallet to our no-B.S. functional design, these sheets were designed by Aussies for Aussies.

    The current state of the market shows a lack of shopping platforms for men who need quality bed sheets, but do not know where and how to purchase them. We intend to streamline this process and make it exceptionally easy for men to know what they want and need, when they see it.


    - Corner tags in each corner of the fitted sheet labelled Top Left (TL), Top Right (TR), Bottom Left (BL) & Bottom Right (BR) providing product users with a reference point to effectively carry out the process of making the bed.

    - TLC Logo with center line marked for ease of locating the center of the sheet and the right end and in the right position

    - Corner strap positioned in each corner of fitted sheet to assist in pulling the corners under the mattress with ease and precision

    A beautiful blend of:
    60% bamboo.
    40% cotton yarn.
    325 Thread count. 

    Of course! 

    Single Bed:
    Quilt Cover: 140 x 210 cm
    Flat Sheet: 180 x 254 cm
    Fitted Sheet: 91 x 190+46 cm
    Pillowcase: 51 x 76 cm

    Double Bed: 
    Quilt Cover: 180 x 210 cm
    Flat Sheet: 225 x 254 cm
    Fitted Sheet: 137 x 190+46 cm
    Pillowcase: 51 x 76 cm

    Queen Bed: 
    Quilt Cover: 210 x 210 cm
    Flat Sheet: 245 x 275 cm
    Fitted Sheet: 152 x 203+46 cm
    Pillowcase: 51 x 76 cm

    King Bed: 
    Quilt Cover: 245 x 210 cm
    Flat Sheet: 280 x 275 cm
    Fitted Sheet: 183 x 203+46 cm
    Pillowcase: 51 x 76 cm

    King Single Bed: 
    Flat Sheet: 200 x 274 cm
    Fitted Sheet: 107 x 203+45 cm
    Pillowcase: 51 x 76 cm

    Super King Bed: 
    Quilt Cover: 270 x 240 cm
    Flat Sheet: 295 x 330 cm
    Fitted Sheet: 202 x 202 +46 cm
    Pillowcase: 51 x 76 cm

    Shipping, Returns, & Warranty

    Simply navigate to out Get In Touch Page and tick "Process Return". 

    Our team will follow up within 24 hours to get you on your way!

    That depends! 

    We offer a lifetime warranty on our sheets. 

    If our product has been compromised due to a manufacturing flaw and you've washed your sheets, we'll still honour our offer! 

    Either way, contact us through our "Get In Touch" form and we'll be happy to continue the conversation with you. 

    Let our customer service Queen (Layla) know on, and we'll be happy to process a return and get a fresh set over to you ASAP that will better fit your mattress! 

    We have a 90-day return policy, which means you have 90 days after receiving your item to request a return! 

    To start a return, you can contact us at If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted. 

    If you have lost your return label, 
    you can always contact us for any return question at

    You will receive a confirmation/tax invoice email upon purchase, if there is anything else you need, let us know!

    Please reach out to our support team where we'll be happy to answer your question directly! 

    We all make mistakes, we’re only human! We can fix any mistake from our end, simply give our customer service a call on 0427031620 or email


    100% it is. Fair dinkum. 

    Our HQ is located in Brisbane, Australia which is situated on a big island West of New Zealand, South of Japan and North of Antarctica. Just past the rock that looks like a bear. 

    Our cosmetic products are made in Brisbane, Australia, and our bedding range is designed and distributed here in Brisbane, and manufactured by our very talented team in China.

    Despite trying for a significant period of time to find suitable Aussie manufacturers, we discovered that, for the most part, our local manufacturing industry doesn’t currently have the same level of investment in technology and innovation as overseas facilities, and would not necessarily be able to scale with our demand at times. 

    As a truly Aussie brand, we aim to support local jobs wherever we can, and we’re proud of the fact that our range will forever be designed in Australia. 

    We would LOVE your feedback and suggestions as we continue to grow our range of products! Email us at and we can have a long, hard think about it! :)

    The Towels

    Great question! Here are the sizes:

    Bath Sheet: 80*170cm

    Bath Towel: 72*134cm   

    Hand Towel: 40*70cm

    Face Towel: 34*34cm  

    Bath Mat: 50*80cm

    With a generous surface area for absorption, the effort to manoeuvre it around when drying is considerably reduced.

    This size wraps generously around your entire body, leaving you well covered in certain areas (particularly for those of us who pass a housemate or two down the hallway).

    It provides much-adored luxury, especially if you offer accommodation or often have guests at your place.

    People who are taller or larger in frame appreciate those enveloping feels they don't get from a bath towel.

    This size doubles as a pool or beach towel, being generous enough for lounging around on.

    Need More Assistance?

    Please don't hesitate to give Layla a bell on 0427031620 if you have any unanswered questions! Alternatively you can email us on!