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    7 Weird & Wonderful Things Going on Inside Aussie Bedrooms.

    At The Lad Collective, we’re no strangers to a messy bedroom. In fact, it was the grotty state of single bloke’s bedrooms which inspired Bill and Ed to launch TLC last year with a mission of helping blokes all across Australia ‘get their sheet together.’

    The success of TLC’s signature bedding set has already seen the brothers featured on national television, demonstrating their bedsheet’s innovative features including:

    • Labelled corner straps on the fitted sheet making it easy to tuck it into the mattress
    • A centre logo for easy positioning
    • A luxurious, buttery-soft bamboo-cotton blend

    These features have been curated to help Australians up the ante when it comes to bedroom hygiene. However, not all Aussies have got the message!

    Here are a few of the weird and wonderful things Aussies currently get up to in their bedroom (hopefully behind closed doors).



    6% of Australians sleepwalk butt naked

    This is… somewhat disturbing. Still, if you wake up in the middle of the night to someone shambling around nude in your apartment, maybe check to make sure it’s not your sleepwalking partner before reaching for the cricket bat.



    31% of Aussies claim their partner is a bed hogger - better known as a starfish sleeper.

    We’re all familiar with the fierce battles which can happen over control of the doona or top sheet throughout the night. If you’re a bed hogger then try to remember: a good partner is one who shares the doona even when it’s chilly.



    23% of men talk in their sleep. 66%of their partners admit to paying close attention to what they are saying. Some even keep their partner talking by asking questions!

    There’s nothing wrong with talking in your sleep, but try not to say anything weird. Keep your sleep conversations to topics like finance, geography or the latest Batman.



    43% of Aussie men snore… but only 32% admit to it (sounds about right)!

    Let’s be honest, snoring may have ended more marriages than adultery. If you’re a serial snorer, consider steps like not drinking alcohol at night, changing sleep position and taking care of nasal congestion.



    23% of Aussies say their partner makes the bed too hot at night, and state that sleeping next to their partner is the closest thing to sleeping next to a hot water bottle!

    While being a human hot water bottle has its advantages during the depths of winter, it can become unbearable for your partner  in summer. Consider: if it’s 28 degrees outside maybe you don’t really need the doona?



    33% of Aussies want a bigger bed (perhaps because of some of the above stats)

    It only makes sense to treat yourself like the king or queen you are with a king or queen size bed, right? Do yourself a favour and get a bed big enough to really splay out on.



    In 2017, 1.7 million Aussies recorded waking up multiple times throughout the night because their mattress, sheets or pillows are uncomfortable.


    Waking up during the night is just the worst, particularly when it's due to poor quality sheets. At TLC, our luxurious bamboo-cotton blend is designed to ensure that when you sink into our sheets, you stay sunken.

    Need To Fix Your Bad Bedroom Habits?

    If you’re looking to take control of your bedroom, TLC has a range of products to help you step up your game. From our best-selling signature bedding set to our innovative magnetic quilt set, TLC has got all of your bedroom needs covered.

    Visit the TLC website to browse our products today, or give one of our friendly team a call on 0488 997 259.