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    Lisa Wilkinson Blown Away by TLC’S Bed Sheets.

    Bill and Ed Ovenden, brothers and co-founder of The Lad Collective, never shy away from a good yarn or the opportunity to spread TLC’s message of helping Aussie blokes ‘get their sheet together.’

    The lads recently appeared on Channel 10’s ‘The Project’, getting a chance to showcase the effectiveness of their bed sheets to people all over Australia, as well as Project host Lisa Wilkinson.

    As a mother of three herself, Lisa initially thought that the two young Aussie blokes seemed unlikely candidates for designing and producing Australia’s most innovative and luxurious bed sheets.

    It was time for Bill and Ed to prove that doubt wrong, so they launched into a live bed-making demonstration which showed the Project hosts how the corner straps and centre logo on TLC’s signature bedding set have revolutionised the process of making the bed each morning.

    The sheer speed of the brother’s bed-making prowess brought a few laughs (and gasps) from the Project host’s, and Lisa was impressed with the boy’s efforts.

    You’ve definitely solved one problem guys,” Lisa said: high praise from one of Australia’s most prominent broadcasters. 

    A chirpy Lisa continues: "but I reckon you’ve sold us a bit of a furphy…I thought you had finally figured out how to FOLD the fitted sheet, now THAT is the real challenge, have you got a trick there?”

    The tension in the room was unbearable…

    Ed, although flustered, calmly responds to Lisa by saying that this little fitted sheet folding trick is coming in ‘Phase Two’ of The Lad Collective’s operation, and that we may need to get Marie Condo on the ‘blower’  so she can run a fitted sheet folding instructional. 

    With their bed sheets getting Lisa’s tick of approval, Ed and Bill slept soundly in their TLC sheets that night.

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